• Full Container Load Export Logistics

    FCL Export Logistics

    Sea freight is a common form to import and export goods. According to the type of goods, there are many ways to ship goods in sea freight, LCL shipping is one of them. TOPFAN as a leading non-vessel shipping carrier in the industry for 13 years with a long-term cooperative relationships with a large number of shipping companies, providing high-frequency and competitive global shipping FCL services, customized reliable and flexible solution for customers. We contract import and export FCL services, including customs declaration, commodity inspection, trucking, door-to-door delivery and a series of services, covering all countries and regions around the world.

  • Less than Container Load Export Logistics

    LCL Export Logistics

    What is LCL shipping? LCL means that when carrier (or agent) accepts the shipment of the shipper whose quantity is not enough for the whole container, it is sorted according to the type and destination of the goods. The cargoes destined for the same destination are assembled into a certain quantity and collect into containers for shipping. Due to the goods of different shippers are assembled together, it is called LCL. With many years of leading position in bulk cargo, we have a comprehensive system, which can provide accurate bulk cargo prices and comprehensive service recommendations according to customer requirements, and realize diversified logistics services such as the same destination port, different port exports, and different shipping company services.

  • Export and Import by Air Shipping

    Air Cargoes

    Our team are professional in providing well logistics service for air shipments of import&export, customs clearance, customs quarantine & inspection, storage & sorting, delivery and packing etc.

    We have vary global agents so that we can consolidate well and handle DDP&DDU by air lines shipping to Euro, North America&South America, South east Asia, Australia and Mid-east etc.

  • Special Offer Line to Indonesia Shipping

    Indonesia Scheduled Service

    Indonesia is the most populous country in Southeast Asia, with the biggest demand for Chinese products.With the increasing datum of trade and logistics, it become the greatest potential country in the region. The Southeast Asia Sea Freight dedicated Line is the most extensive channel for import and export in China at present. The maritime dedicated line has mature routes and features of high volume, lower rates and high security.

  • Comprehensive Logistics for the Cross-Border E-commerce Shipping

    Cross-border E-commerce Logistics

    To keep up with the changes of the logistics market in the new form, TOPFAN SHIPPING has launched comprehensive logistics products tailored for the cross-border e-commerce logistics. Mainly for cross-border e-commerce platforms such as large commodities or overseas warehouse e-commerce to provide integrated services of foreign transportation, customs clearance, sorting, packaging and delivery. For e-commerce enterprises to save the costs of logistics. customs clearance, taxes and other related charges to ensure that the entire transportation process is efficient, economical and convenient.

  • Comprehensive and Advanced Trade Services

    Comprehensive Service

    Taking customers as the basis, serving customers as the goal, and solving difficulties for customers is the purpose of TOPFAN. We are not only provides the advantaged and smooth services, but also helps the Import& Export companies to increase the comprehensive and advanced trade services. TOPFAN shipping forwarder always help the small and medium-sized enterprises to improve their export related qualifications, including import and export rights, general taxpayer qualifications, export tax rebates, etc. Meanwhile, our team also can provide enterprises with a series of comprehensive foreign trade services such as agent tax rebates, DP/LC ,etc .

  • Import and Export from China to the World

    Overseas Business

    TOPFAN experienced in operation of global bulk cargoes for 13 years, we have obtained the advanced and combined strong relationship with global agents, undertake LCL&FCL services for import and export from China to major ports in the world, we provide comprehensive NVOCC China import and export logistics service. Combined with our advantages in FCL, LCL and inland distribution, flexible import and export services have penetrated into the entire concept of import logistics and distribution services, and have quickly become the best logistics cooperation in the rapidly developing foreign trade market partner.

  • Safely and Reliably Trucking Service

    Trucking Service

    After years of hard work, active development, and customer services, adhering to the “safe, fast, punctual, thoughtful” service purpose. TOPFAN not only provide the competitive price and good service in the ocean freight service, and also provide the customize trucking service for our customers, service area including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, the import pickup containers, export pickup and loading containers in Guangdong. Get many of good reputations from our customers. As a third party logistics supplier, we constantly updated the traditional transportation concept, accepting and adopting the new logistics concept, establish the logistics foundation, customize the service plan for customers, and provide the comprehensive and reliable service for all our customers.

  • Professional and Credible Customs Clearance

    Customs Clearance

    Customs clearance is the procedure that the importer or the exporter has the duty to declare cargoes details to customs and apply the improvement for cargoes, luggages, express, shipper&consignee, careers, owner of cargoes or agency. Customs clearance is the most necessary procedure for import and export.

  • Relevant Certification of Product and Customs Clearance

    Certificate Services

    Products made in China that are exported to other countries around the world must meet local safety certification standards before they can be sold in the region. With the development of international trade, the relevant certifications, customs clearance permits, cargo transportation appraisal reports, etc. required by countries around the world for imported products are also changing. For the import and export trade of goods, relevant product certification and customs clearance certification are indispensable and important documents when entering the destination country legally and compliantly and flowing into the local circulation field.